Proud North was proudly founded by Gloria Cilliers, award-winning former journalist and marketing & communications professional with over 20 years’ experience, a Masters Degree in Communications and self-awarded license to drink copious amounts of coffee whilst writing (her greatest passion).

Gloria gained her “street smarts” as former crime and political reporter in South Africa, where she raked in awards as journalist and editor at some of the country’s major national newspapers and magazines. In Canada, she has led top financial media and managed corporate marketing, communications and media relations for major players in the insurance industry.

Expertly merging years of experience in storytelling as journalist and copywriter, knowing the media inside-out and the ins-and-outs of marketing & communications, is what Gloria brings to the table when you partner with Proud North.

And when you work with Proud North, you’ll deal directly with the Founder, so you can rest assured you’re gaining the expertise your brand deserves - and making the right connections with your customers to drive your business forward.